Switched brands from Nikon to Canon.

Ditched the Nikon D40, which has taken the pictures seen on this blog, to a Canon Rebel T2i.

Some reasons:

1) Better ISO capability: The T2i performs amazing to 3200.  The D40 got grainy at anything above 400 ISO.

2) Higher megapixel (18 v. 6.1)

3) 1080p HD video on the Canon with a MIC INPUT.  That was key.  Now I can make good videos for the band’s website, etc.

4) Working with the boss.  He wants me to start doing some shooting at our future jobs, and it’ll be easier having the same brand.  He has a 5D MRK II.  I can use his really nice lenses, etc., etc.

I’m very satisfied.  The low-light performance is amazing.

I won’t be posting too many pics until I get the 50mm f/1.8 lens.  Hopefully by next week.


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