One of my best friends from college, Charlie, got married yesterday to his lovely bride, Ann.

It was a joyous occasion, and my first “real” wedding.  I went to one a year or so ago, but it was for a couple that had been together for thirty years anyway, and it was held at a restaurant, and the ceremony was quick.  So, in a sense, it was my first “traditional wedding,” and it was great.  It was good to spend time again with my college buddies again, and it was very good to see Charlie and Ann in their moment of splendor.

I’m kind of jaded when it comes to relationships, but they give me some hope; that loving someone isn’t a waste of time.  That eventually, you get what you give.

They have what it takes, and it is quite inspiring.  I just hope they don’t have kids too soon.  Still wanna be able to go out drinking with them.

Here’s to you, Charlie and Ann.



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2 responses to “Hope

  1. You could stay in drinking (something or other) with them. I had wine yesterday w/ dear new friends and dear old friends on a boat owned by a recently married husband and wife. She is pregnant and didn’t drink. Her husband and many friends tossed back beers, ale, hard lemonade (does that really count as alcohol) and wine as well as apple juice and other non-alcoholic drinks. Anyway, it was a great first day on their boat.

  2. PS – It’s a lovely photograph. Thanks.

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