I work at a winery tasting room on the weekends, now.

Yesterday was my second day there.
People come in by the busload and limoload.

So, yesterday around noon, a group of about 10 girls in their early 20s walk in. All very attractive. I so would with all of them, but I digress.

Two are particularly hammered. One blonde and one brunette.

At the tasting bar, we have our buckets where we dump wine people are done tasting with.

Blonde girl looks at one of the jugs, grabs it, and starts to chug the wine/saliva concoction.

Brunette goes “hey, gimme!”

Blonde passes it to her, while I and my coworker stand in utter shock. Totally speechless.

I tell the blonde what that jug is for. She says she knows and informs me that you “only live once.”



Anyway. Just because you live once, doesn’t mean you do it stupidly.


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