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Field Day II


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JackieCorn5 (1)

Got some great shots in a local corn field, too!

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August 27 Shoot: Jackie

Had my second real photo shoot today. I shot Jackie, a former classmate of mine from college.

We got great stuff. I am so proud of the photos we were able to produce. Don’t get me wrong: there is always room for improvement. I’d like to change a few things on a bunch of them, but I’m very satisfied. They’re my best to date.

I ran out of room on my Flickr account so I’ll have to upgrade to the pro account. I’ll be putting it all up there soon. For now, a teaser (click for crisp, please don’t steal):

I was sucking at first. My lighting was off, but we went to some nice locations, and we really got into a creative flow. I dropped the nerves and really came out with some beautiful shots. The best I’ve ever taken. What I like most about the photos I took is the balance between the sun and my external flash light. They are nicely balanced in the shots I took, and they blend together very well, to just look like a strong dose of pure sunlight.

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Jonas sent the band the first mix to one of our songs we recorded this summer. Sounds so good. Can’t wait to post it here in a couple of weeks.

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Started messing with the “temperature” of this photo, and I liked the golden look that I got from it.
Boosting that temperature of the photo into the yellow spectrum allowed me to get those nice rusty red and auburn colors in the corners. Really adds to the feeling of this photo. She is also looking quite reflective yet happy, so I’m really content with the entire feel of the photo, from the colors to the facial expression.

As usual, click for a crisp and clear version:

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Pink Oleander

Love this photo. I love the light and pink together (click for crisp):
Pink oleander

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Photos from the weekend

Kelsey and her sister Kaitlin came up from Maryland this weekend. Was a great time. Again, click for the better version. Some pics:

Extra!  Extra!
Go Fish
Field Day

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