August 27 Shoot: Jackie

Had my second real photo shoot today. I shot Jackie, a former classmate of mine from college.

We got great stuff. I am so proud of the photos we were able to produce. Don’t get me wrong: there is always room for improvement. I’d like to change a few things on a bunch of them, but I’m very satisfied. They’re my best to date.

I ran out of room on my Flickr account so I’ll have to upgrade to the pro account. I’ll be putting it all up there soon. For now, a teaser (click for crisp, please don’t steal):

I was sucking at first. My lighting was off, but we went to some nice locations, and we really got into a creative flow. I dropped the nerves and really came out with some beautiful shots. The best I’ve ever taken. What I like most about the photos I took is the balance between the sun and my external flash light. They are nicely balanced in the shots I took, and they blend together very well, to just look like a strong dose of pure sunlight.


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