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Sorry for mine!

Been doing a lot of photography stuff lately. Here is some new stuff. Had a great time with Stef. It was a great shoot. I got to use my new Canon USM 85mm prime lens. SO GOOD. Such a delicious lens. Stef’s hair had somewhat of a match to the color of the faded corn stalks. It was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for more.

I definitely feel that this set is the most emotive I’ve ever done. It was a dreary, chilly, windy day. Somewhat represents what I was feeling around this time last year. A bit nostalgic! 😛 If you’ve been to my page before, you’ve seen photos of cornfields, and people in them. I don’t yet know why I’m attracted to them.

My confidence factor is definitely increasing (however, I still know I have a lot to learn). I’m becoming more confident in what I know, not what I don’t. Click each photo for a more clear and crisp version.

IMG_3622 (1)

Windy Days II

IMG_3581 (1)


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It’s pretty much a nicely consolidated portfolio for me

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Re-editing old photos I took last year. I use a Canon 550D, but this was taken on the Nikon D40:

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Balcony View

Took this photo back in December, when I was using Nikon’s entry level SLR, the D40. This was taken during a photo shoot for the band. Carl was doing our EP promos. We went to the Hamptons, and found an old, burned out beach house. Everything inside of it was destroyed, but it had a great balcony.

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