Beach Love

I feel accomplished. My first official clients are very happy with the photos so far. I’ll be dropping them off tomorrow. It’s time to get the ball rolling. Big thanks to one of my best friends and inspirations: Carl!

More than a year ago, I was in a very bad place. During that time of personal turmoil, I bought my first dSLR, and began to expand on my passion for photography. A year later, I am here, proud of taking the pain that I felt at the time, and turning it into something worthwhile. It was all a huge lesson in dealing with the curve balls that life throws your way. Who knows what will happen with my “business.” It may never go anywhere but, for now, I’m feeling pretty good.

“Into the morning light,
To find the day is burning the curtains and the wine,
In a little white room.”

From the engagement shoot:
Beach love


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