What a ride. January 1st, 2010, the band released our EP, and did a lot of good things. We won competitions (beating out hundreds of bands from Long Island and New York City), played Bamboozle festival at the Meadowlands, Warped Tour festival at Nassau Coliseum (on the same stage as one of my favorite bands), and our new EP is coming out shortly. Our writing has matured, and I’ve got a good feeling about this one. We’ve got a shot, we know some people, and the material has reached the point where we can truly get somewhere with it. 2011 is the year.

This time last year, I began working with Carl, one of my best pals and an amazing photographer. He’s come to an amazing point, and will only continue to snag big clients (I’ll be posting that when he does them [Def Leppard soon]). I’m grateful for his advice, and for his teaching. We have very different styles, but he taught me how to think on my photographic “feet.” That is so important. I started photographing people only four months ago, and I feel that I’ve learned a lot in those four months. I earned my first “check” with photography in December.

I spent my first New Years in NYC, with my friends of nearly 20 years. Had the time of my life.

I don’t know where I’ll end up in 2012, but it will hopefully be with a hard drive filled with great photos from travel, playing shows, and great photo jobs. I spent 2010 half in the bag of sadness. No more.


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