Was looking through a folder of photos I had to file through, and stumbled upon this. Something about it just really attracted and stuck me. It’s conveys some sort of combination of wonder and dread. …A simultaneous fear and awe of the world, if you will. The hand in the back resembles the guiding hand that we receive as children, giving us the lessons and reassurance we need to venture out into that world.

The child reminds me of a young one that has seen the ravages of war, or social upheaval. The feels that strike out at me from this photo are quite analogous to the ones that I feel towards America in her current state. While I am in complete awe of what we have accomplished as Americans (inventions, medicine, the liberation of France, space flight, etc.), I fear for her future.

I really loved the tones that came with the original copy. Used the 85mm at 2.8 for this shot (the sharpest aperture for that specific lens, IMO).
ISO 100


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  1. Delta

    You are wrong. It just looks like some kid who didn’t get his toy at the local Toys R Us. Check mate

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