I really have a photographic love affair with telephone poles/wires.

Since I started photography last summer, I’ve had just this….innate attraction to them.  It was hard to understand why, but over time (more recently) I began to figure it out.

I was with a great young woman for about four years of my life, and we separated right before I purchased my first dSLR. Communication between us pretty much ceased.  It was a bit jarring, no longer speaking to someone who had been in my life since I was nine years old.  (Quick note: this post isn’t meant to be a pity party. Just sayin’)

Right off the bat, I was attracted to shots like this.  I couldn’t figure it out.  It was a reflection of my desire to communicate with her; to reestablish contact.  A reflection of my frustration, if you will.  Slowly, my frustration died out, and when I go back through my photo archives, I can see the frequency of these types of photos died, as well.

It’s so very strange, how photography is a reflection of our own wants, desires, and emotions.  And sometimes, we don’t even realize it.



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